Academy sets sights on Taiwan

Academy sets sights on Taiwan

Dec 10
Leslie Sweet Myrick, Office of International Programs Media Communications Specialist

The seventh ACES Academy of Global Engagement is underway! 

First, some history: The Academy was formed in 2006 to increase the number of ACES faculty who are globally involved. The experience, coordinated by the Office of International Programs, exposes the selected fellows (generally 5-7 faculty and staff who represent different disciplines in the College) to available resources (campus, state, national, and international) that facilitate global engagement and concludes with an international immersion experience based around a selected theme.

Academy fellows have traveled to Mexico (2006); Europe (2007); Brazil (2008); China (2009); India (2010) and Ghana (2012). This year’s Academy will travel to Taiwan with a focus on “energy, environment, and biodiversity.”

What are the positive outcomes of such a program? The effects are not immediate, but I have covered several news stories for which the Academy served as a catalyst.   

For example, after visiting the “cornbelt” of China with the Academy where he saw farmers harvesting with machetes, Bob Dunker recruited Don Bullock, and then then two involved John Deere and Monsanto to help this area improve its maize production. 

And, a recent symposium on campus was the latest development out of ACES ongoing collaboration with Mexico’s Autonomous University of San Luis Portosi, formed out of the Academy’s trip in 2006, that serves to improve the health of Mexicans and Mexican-origin populations.

These are just a couple of examples of connections initiated with the previous Academy programs.  

This year’s Academy fellows include: Dr. Alfred Roca, Department of Animal Sciences; Dr. Yong-Su Jin, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition; Dr. DoKyoung Lee, Department of Crop Sciences; Dr. Jeffrey Matthews, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences; Dr. Yuji Arai, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences; and Gary Letterly, Extension. Additionally, Dr. K.C. Ting will serve as a Senior Fellow to this year’s Academy.  
Join me in anticipating what connections and collaborations may arise from the current Academy’s visit to Taiwan during spring 2014.

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