ACES in China

ACES in China

Jun 9
Leslie Sweet Myrick, Office of International Programs Media Communications Specialist

A major U.S. newspaper recently asked for some examples of ACES’ current collaborations with Chinese colleagues for potential use in a future feature story. Because the scope and status of our international activities are constantly evolving, I set out on some quick detective work to confirm the current status of several projects, both existing and new.  

What I found was truly impressive. Though the newspaper may not end up profiling all of these projects; they are all newsworthy, so I wanted to share the updates I collected:
•    Prof. Don Bullock and agronomist Bob Dunker (Crop Sciences) are now in their sixth year of a project to assist China’s Jilin province with implementing improved technologies to increase corn yields. Work such as this is imperative if China hopes to ensure food security for its growing population.
•    Prof. Hong Chen (Food Science and Human Nutrition) is working with collaborators at China Agricultural University to look at the effects of traditional Chinese herbal medicines, specifically Ginkgo extract, to combat colon cancer.
•    Profs. Angela Lyons and Yilan Xu (Agricultural and Consumer Economics (ACE)) are working with a Chinese research center to study micro-level data on the finances of Chinese households with the goal of proving insight into the Chinese emerging middle class’s demand for credit and investment opportunities.
•    Prof. Hope Michelson (ACE) is working with Chinese colleagues to analyze Wal-Mart’s fresh produce supply chains in China with a focus on implications for small farmer participation and food quality and safety.

These are just some examples of how ACES faculty is currently involved in China, but they do a great job of representing the scope and diversity of ACES’ international influence.

ACES in China
Bob Dunker (in orange hat) with faculty and students of Jilin University during harvest.