ACES faces everywhere

ACES faces everywhere

Jan 23
Bill Simmons, Assistant Dean of Academic Programs

I recently attended a professional conference in Saint Louis where scientists and industry representatives from the North Central region gathered to share information on some very specific topics… namely “weed science.”

Weed Science is a small, but important part of what we do in ACES. Weed science incorporates genetics, plant physiology, biology, ecology and the more applied aspects of controlling weeds in agronomic systems. Feeding a hungry world requires efficient and sustainable agricultural techniques and our graduates are in the midst of this important professional work.

At the meeting, it was my pleasure to host a graduate student “quiz bowl contest” where a team from ACES finished second (and have vowed to “win it all” next year). Some Illinois ACES undergraduates were in attendance and won awards in the research poster contest.  As the meeting continued, it struck me how many ACES grads and current students populated this meeting with distinction. Young, mid-career, and yes, old.  They were everywhere!

Society President,  ACES grad; NC director,  ACES grad; Resident Education chair, ACES grad; Industry Vice Chair, ACES grad; Finance and Policy chair, ACES grad. Many gainfully employed industry scientists obtained an ACES undergraduate or graduate degree. They are looking for the next wave of ACES grads as their companies hire tomorrow’s leaders. I think you get the picture.
An ACES education puts you in excellent position to becoming a professional leader. Multiply this one example across the various subject matter topics in the College of ACES and you see that there are ACES faces everywhere! Have I mentioned that I love working in ACES?