ACES is a Family

ACES is a Family

Oct 3
Ellen Reeder, Senior in ACES

A lot of people say that the College of ACES is like a family. It’s a common answer when students are asked what they love most about the college, but it’s amazing how true that statement really is.

This morning, I took a little tumble on my way to class before the career fair. I fell down a flight of stairs, cracked my computer’s screen, and ripped the hem of my dress. The best part was my flying spring-loaded umbrella. I was a wreck.

I was on my way to math class and only had a 10-minute break between class and an interview at the career fair, but on top of that it was pouring down rain. Time was not on my side, and at that point neither were fashion or the weather.

I headed over the ARC for my interview and I was still a little shook up. The reality of a broken computer screen was just starting to sink in. When I walked into the ARC, the first people I saw were three ACES faculty/staff members. Clearly by the look on my face they could tell that I was not doing too swell. After hearing my sob story, one began digging for Advil, another tried to fix my dress, and the third tried to rebuild my confidence before the interview.

As a college student, I still have some moments when I just wish my mom was there to fix my problems, to sew up my dress, and to give me hug. It’s a great feeling to know that my College of ACES family will always be there, too.