ACES graduate encourages students to invest in self

ACES graduate encourages students to invest in self

May 15
Marla Todd, Associate Director of Advancement Communications

Throughout her career Dawn Jackson Blatner (Dietetics, ’97) has often observed young dietitians had limited experience exploring and fostering their own wellness and nutrition. Blatner sought to encourage more self-care skill building by sponsoring a vision board competition for dietetic students.

The contest required students to create a picture collage outlining how they would use $1000 to gain real-world health and happiness experience. Entries included representations of healthy grocery shopping sprees, cookbooks, kitchen gadgets, fitness equipment and clothing, and inspirational quotes. Some also referenced travel, fitness classes, spa treatments and cooking classes.

A panel of judges selected Nikki DeAngelis, a senior studying dietetics, as the winner of the poster competition. Nikki is excited to invest in her own health and wellness as she prepares for her career in dietetics.

The College of ACES and Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition appreciate Dawn Jackson Blatner’s investment in tomorrow’s dietetic leaders!

Justine Karduck, director of the didactic program in dietetics, congratulates Nikki DeAngelis on her winning entry.