ACES in the spotlight

ACES in the spotlight

Oct 17
Lucas Frye, Senior in Agricultural and Consumer Economics

In every college football season, there is something special about the night game. The combination of the fall chill in the air, a full day of tailgating, and the stadium lights illuminating the orange and blue on the grass makes for one exciting sports experience.  

At this Saturday’s football showdown against our BigTen neighbor to the North—Wisconsin, the spotlight will also be on the College of ACES. Over the course of a three minute timeout, we will attempt to highlight all of the areas that make up the diverse concentrations that fall under the umbrella of agriculture, consumer, and environmental sciences. This marketing effort will be in the form a friendly, competitive relay race between  myself and Student Body President/fellow ACES student—Damani Bolden. We will race to ‘put on’ the many job uniforms of ACES graduates, from hairnets and hardhats to binoculars and briefcases. Making our way from the 25-yard line to the North endzone finish line, Dean Hauser will be waiting for the winner with a diploma.  

Regardless of who wins, both current students and alumni in attendance should keep an eye out for ACES on Saturday, but also do a little marketing yourself by spotlighting the wide array of opportunities in ACES to prospective high school students in your home area.  

Go Illini, and Go ACES.