ACES Summer Programs

ACES Summer Programs

Feb 2
Manuel Colón, NRES Student Recruitment Coordinator

As an employee of an educational institution, I often get questions about how great it must be to have my summers off. However, that’s not true at all. As an Undergraduate Recruiter, summer is a very popular season for outreach programming. In fact, The College of ACES offers a variety of summer programs that last from one week to an entire month. Some are ran autonomously by the different units, others are in collaboration with multinational corporations and federal agencies. With a background in conservation education and outreach, our summer programs are a great opportunity to connect with youth that are interested in science and excited about exploring the career and educational options available to them. Below, I’m going to highlight some of the programs that I have worked with in the past and are currently open for applications from high school students.

Illini Summer Academies
June 21 to 24, 2015

The Illini Summer Academies is a four-day event which gives high school youth the opportunity to explore career opportunities at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. Youth who attend will explore the University of Illinois campus, study potential career opportunities, build their leadership skills, engage in fun activities and meet youth from across the state. Academies are open to ANY Illinois youth who are currently in eighth to twelfth grade. They must be an incoming high school freshman to graduating senior this summer and must fall within the 14-18 age range as of September 1 of the year in which ISA is being held. This is a live-in academy program; delegates will not be allowed to commute to the campus for daily activities. More information here!

Research Apprentice Program I
July 5 to August 1, 2015

As part of the Research Apprentice Program (RAP), students will be assigned to small groups or teams where they develop a presentation based on a set of special learning activities. The RAP I activities require each team to demonstrate a basic understanding of the food supply chain, i.e., production, marketing, transportation processing, and advertising perspectives. A series of visits and seminars held at various businesses serve as a resource base for the information necessary to successfully complete this exercise. All RAP I activities emphasize teamwork, problem-solving, computer skills and presentation skills. At the end of the program, each team presents the outcomes of their assigned project activities. All students will be participating in a special hands-on mini-laboratory and science exercises developed to help them understand the application of math and science in various areas in the food, human and environmental sciences. The RAP I group will work on team projects co-designed by and co-sponsored by representatives from Kraft Foods Inc, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, PepsiCo (Barrington Group), John Deere, and Monsanto. More information here!

Research Apprentice Program II
June 14 to August 1, 2015

RAP II provides an intensive seven-week laboratory and academic enrichment experience for rising high school juniors and seniors with interests in further exploring science, technology, engineering and math related careers in the food, human and environmental sciences. Students are placed into laboratories where they conduct projects designed to build on interest in math, science, engineering and business. Some examples of laboratories in which students might be placed are plant genetics, animal physiology, plant tissue culture, nutritional sciences, food chemistry, food engineering, child development, agricultural marketing, computer imaging, and environmental sciences. Students with animal health interests will be placed in labs in Animal Sciences or Veterinary Medicine. Students with human health interests will be placed in laboratories within Food Science and Human Nutrition and the Division of Nutritional Sciences. The program is designed to focus on the application of math, science and communication skills, utilizing computers and technology to enhance the critical thinking abilities of participants. Students will participate in math and chemistry enrichment academic activities. A formal paper, oral presentation and a poster of each laboratory project are required of each student at the end of the program. More information here!

July 5 to August 1, 2015

Learn about career possibilities in the plant, animal and veterinary sciences, and learn how the USDA protects the American food supply. Over four weeks, students will live on the University of Illinois campus and have hands-on experiences in animal and plant laboratories, conducting small laboratory exercises under supervision of plant and animal scientists, and veterinarians, employed by the University and USDA. Field trips will be to USDA facilities, agricultural businesses, conservation areas, and zoological facilities to experience the vast aspects of the food and agriculture system. Students enhance academic skills in math, science and computers. More information here!

Below are just a few snapshots from the fun we had in ACES last summer!

ACES Summer Programs

ACES Summer ProgramsACES SUmmer programs 3