Advancing sustainability – on campus and abroad!

Advancing sustainability – on campus and abroad!

Feb 29
Amber Adams, Crop Sciences Marketing

From Asia to Africa, the College of ACES is dedicated to helping students fund study abroad tours. No matter the length of study (a few weeks or an entire semester), the experience is one that can’t be taught on campus. Danielle McCormick, a freshman in Crop Sciences recently shared her winter break study abroad experience with me. I wish I could transport you to the gorgeous beaches of the Bahamas to relive Danielle’s experience. Unfortunately, you’ll have to settle for reading about it below – or start planning your study abroad journey here!

“Sustainability seems like a simple topic, but in reality there are many different facets that are all interconnected. During the study abroad course, ACES 298, I traveled to Cape Eleuthera, Bahamas to learn how sustainability practices are applied in real-world situations abroad. This course was a unique experience for several reasons. In the classroom setting, I was able to learn about sustainability and understand the material, but abroad I experienced first-hand how these concepts are used to make the world a better place.

During the trip, our group met with researchers actively working to advance sustainability practices in the Caribbean. We had the opportunity to assist them on their research projects, which involved tagging bonefish, an economically important fish to the Bahamas. This included: catching bonefish, tagging them, and then releasing them back into the ocean; allowing researchers to track bonefish breeding habits. Researchers then collected behavior and location data to determine where and how to protect breeding grounds for bonefish.
I am grateful for the opportunity to learn about the many facets of sustainability, but also to observe how researchers are utilizing these practices. Actively participating in sustainability research was truly inspiring, and showed me that it is possible to implement the change I want to help make in the world. ACES 298 provided the knowledge and inspiration to further my dream of bringing a source of food to those who have none. The possibility of gifting people with sustainable food production methods is as revolutionary as it is miraculous.”

Danielle McCormick in the Bahamas with Crop Sciences