AGCM 270: Sales and Persuasive Communications

AGCM 270, Sales and Persuasive Communications, explores traditional sales concepts and business communication techniques. Students review the role, dynamic, and principles of sales communications related to food, agriculture, and environmental systems.

“Students gain a good understanding of how the field of sales works. They learn from my personal work experiences as well as from other guest speakers in the field that I bring into the classroom,” says Heather Miller, instructor for AGCM 270. “They have the opportunity to job-shadow a sales person for a day, which provides real-world experience that is invaluable.”

Students learn about sales objectives, market segmentation, prospecting, handling objections, relationship building, and the nuances of sales communications. A key outcome of the course is learning how to leverage various communications techniques to handle a wide variety of situations that a sales representative will encounter.

“I like the hands-on, applied feel of the course. We discuss scenarios, do role-playing, and meet with real-live sales reps in class and outside of class,” says Miller. “The job shadowing, hearing guest speakers from industry, and the role-playing really teach students skills needed to become sales representatives.”

Students who have taken the course acquire tools needed for success in job roles pertaining to sales.

“I have students who have pursued sales as well as customer service positions,” says Miller. “One former student uses her skills from the class to put together a biannual communications publication for a Case IH dealership for which she sells advertising. She cites her experience in the class as being extremely beneficial in doing her work.”

Productive, Empowered Communities Professor Heather Miller