An aha moment

An aha moment

Sep 12
Debra Korte, Teaching Assistant Professor, Agricultural Education

I recently visited one of our Ag Ed alumni who is now teaching full-time in a high school agriculture program. The classroom environment was colorful and organized, and the list of student expectations was neatly displayed on the wall. There were only ten expectations, but it was #10 that drew my attention.

Expectation #10: “Bring the best version of yourself to class each and every day.”

Whoa. [Insert aha moment.]

If my former college student and these high school students can do this, am I following this important life rule?
-Do I bring the best version of myself every day?
-Do I bring the best version of myself to the classroom and workplace every day?
-Do I give the best version of myself to my family, friends, colleagues, and students every day?

As we enter the heart of the semester when assignments and other responsibilities start to pile up, unexpected circumstances and opportunities will potentially lure us away from giving the best version of ourselves toward our classroom, work, and life responsibilities. Some decisions will be challenging and motivation will begin to wane, but ask yourself every day –

Am I bringing the best version of myself today?

Best version of yourself