All the Fall Things

All the Fall Things

Sep 29
Paige Jones, Junior in Agricultural Communications

It’s time to break out the scarves and boots because October is here! October is an exciting and beautiful time to be on the University of Illinois campus as we watch the leaves turn to Illini orange and paint the Quad with school spirit. We look forward to football games, club retreats, and Homecoming as we’ve all officially settled in to the school year, and the fall semester has really taken off. As exciting as this time of year can be, it’s also extremely overwhelming. You begin to worry about the career fair and midterm exams all while you’re probably getting sick from the cold weather. As a junior, I feel like I have finally figured out the right way to conquer October so I’ve compiled a list of necessities so you, too, can survive October.

1. Cold Medicine
First things first, this cold has got to go. It’s harder to focus in class when you feel miserable, and you’re self-conscious about how loud you’re coughing during lecture. Buy some cold medicine and some cough drops to help get you through the day and, most importantly, try your best to get enough sleep.

2. Business Professional Apparel
The ACES & Sciences Career Fair is next Thursday, October 6! You’ll need to look your best to impress the employers. Whether you’re at the career fair or in an interview, looking professional gives you confidence to help you land that summer internship or receive a job offer.

3. A Study Room
Learning how to rent a study room was quite possibly the most helpful thing I learned my freshman year. Visit to call dibs on a study room in any university library. Whether you rent a room for a group project or just for some privacy, you’re bound to be much more productive so there’s no need to stress over upcoming projects and exams.

4. Illini Gear
Hail to the Orange, Hail to the Blue… Homecoming is October 23 – 29, and it is the perfect opportunity to show some school spirit. Football games, volleyball games, and Homecoming are all great excuses to buy some new Illini apparel.

The semester is in full swing in the month of October, but I’m confident we’ll all survive the tough exams and still have some time for a little fun. Fall at the University of Illinois is often equal parts incredible and stressful. I hope my pieces of advice are helpful as you begin to conquer October. The most important advice I can offer is to enjoy October, enjoy this beautiful campus, and enjoy being an Illini.

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