Almost 150

Almost 150

Sep 20
Richard Vogen, Director, Planning and Research Development

Birthdays can be feted for just about anything, and a milestone is just around the corner for the University of Illinois. Next year, on February 28, 2017, the celebration will begin, marking the first 150 years of the University’s saga and looking forward to the next many years. That idea is etched in stone on Davenport Hall, formerly known as the Agriculture Building on the main quad, where it reads, “Industrial education prepares the way for a millennium of labor – Turner”.

The theme for the sesquicentennial year is “Shaping the Future Since 1867.” Over the course of 15 months, gala events will transpire, books will be published, banners will wave, new construction projects will rise, and funds will be raised. At the heart of this particular anniversary celebration, stories will be told – stories that remember and stories that inspire. Those of us in the College of ACES know that this college and its direct predecessors have been a central part of the University of Illinois story from the very beginning. And we also know that this college will shape much of the University’s story and the landscape of Illinois long into the future.

So, we are inviting people to share their Illinois stories with us, especially those that involve ACES, U of I Extension, 4-H, or any of the allied programs and institutions that have come before or exist today. Among those contributions will be kernels of inspiration for young people, students, scientists, and citizens that we can use to illustrate the scope of impact that the University of Illinois and ACES has on the lives of people in Illinois and around the world. So start thinking about your Illinois story, and how your life, your community, or your profession has been changed as a result. You can already start to contribute ideas to the main campus website,, and the College of ACES will soon be reaching out for stories of all kinds. So be thinking and be watching as we gear up for 150 candles!

150 Years of Illinois