Blogging about blogs

Blogging about blogs

Sep 18
Manuel Colón, NRES Student Recruitment Coordinator

To me, blogs are like Pringles; once you pop, you can’t stop! That is, if you are avid reader of Voice of ACES, you’re likely reading plenty of other blogs out on the web too. So, I wanted to share with you a few other blogs that I think are pretty informative, entertaining, and just generally a nice way to pass time.

NRES Career Information Blog
NRES used to offer a bi-weekly Career Bulletin, which has been recently phased out in favor of the blog format. Instead of having students wait two weeks for up-to-date information on volunteer opportunities, internships, and job postings, we want to provide them with these opportunities real-time updating as soon as we get the information. The blog is public and anyone can subscribe by following the “Subscribe” button located at the bottom of the page. From a quick skim of what’s on their right now; I see information about current employment vacancies, a Forest Service webinar, and upcoming career fairs. There are different categories that you can search through to shuffle through only the information you want to see; grad school, jobs, video, research, volunteer, etc. It’s a great resource to see the current availabilities in our field and also start getting an idea of the skills and experiences that are in-demand for our industry.

University of Illinois Office of Undergraduate Admission
Casting the net a little wider, I really appreciate the content that comes from our Office of Undergraduate Admission’s blog. Similar to the Voice of ACES, they have a diverse cast of bloggers that really contribute to the breadth and scope of information being shared. They range from current students here on campus, admissions counselors, and even Sassy the Squirrel! In my official role as an Undergraduate Recruiter, the blog provides some great information and advice in terms of application deadlines, personal statements, and other pertinent information for prospective students. However, I think the most powerful content comes from the students and their experiences. There are several posts right now about “campus secrets”, finding roommates, and what it’s like to just be a student. All around, a great bog!

Smile Politely
Technically, Smile Politely is an “online magazine” – but what is a blog, really, anyway? I often get asked about what the life and culture is like living in Champaign-Urbana and Smile Politely is a great resource to view all of the great local music, art, culture, sports, and food activity going on in town. You can browse events and article based on the previously mentioned categories and there are even countless sub-categories within those. The contributors to Smile Politely are also a diverse cast of characters from undergraduate students to “fifty-somethings” which provides great content variety of a wide-range of interests. Anytime I start thinking to myself of how I’m bored and nothing is going on in town, I frequently turn to Smile Politely to see just how much is really going on and I’m missing out on!

Sassy the Squirrel