Busy Student, Happy Student

Busy Student, Happy Student

Sep 19
Jason Emmert, Assistant Dean, Academic Programs

For the first time in my life I can say that I’m the parent of a college student. I’ve seen other parents go through this countless times, and I get to see the student side of it every year. But this year I found myself wondering how my daughter would adjust to college life. Would she like it? Would she be homesick, or would she even think about us at all?

It turns out her experience so far has reinforced what I have observed throughout many years of working on a college campus: a busy student is a happy student! Or at least, a busy student doesn’t have time to be unhappy. I’ve always told incoming students to make sure they get involved in something as soon as they set foot on campus. Not too involved; they don’t want to be overloaded with activities while they’re trying to adjust to college life. But involved in something; something they can be a part of, something that will allow them to meet people; something they enjoy that will energize them. If you know a new college student, encourage them get involved. Why spend time moping in a dorm room when there’s a campus full of people to meet and things to do!

I think we can all learn something from this. We all need activities in our lives that give us energy and make us feel like we’re part of something. Yes, perhaps being busy makes time pass too quickly, but it also is what helps us make an impact on the world around us, and let the world impact us!

In case you’re wondering, my daughter found her niche in music, which is her major and her major activity. Before she even started classes she spent a week in band camp meeting other students and having a great time. And being involved in band has made her more aware of other opportunities. She has two very proud parents, even though we’re not missed nearly as much as we might like! She’s finding her way in life, and as a parent, that is one of the most fulfilling feelings I’ve ever had.

Dean Emmert's Daughter