Career Services

Career Services

Mar 30
Manuel Colón, NRES Student Recruitment Coordinator

During my presentation to prospective students I always include what I jokingly refer to as my “parent slide”. It’s the slide that includes information on the various career services support we provide for our students. While this is something I know that many parents have on their mind regarding their child’s selection of a major and ,more importantly, the jobs that they’ll have after college, I really think it’s something that all of students should be thinking about regardless of parental pressures or not. Illinois is unique in that we offer many “decentralized” support systems, meaning that students can get campus-level services from University-wide units, but also right here in the home departments and at the College of ACES there are resources.

The Career Center

715 S Wright St

Champaign, IL 61820

The Career Center at Illinois the University-level career support office that manages a wide variety of services for our students. They manage all campus career fairs, provide resume writing/critique services, mock interviews, and specialized support for pre-professional track students. Their services take form in drop-in office hours, specific events, and a program that will cater to an event request by a student club, professional society, or an organized group of students.

College of ACES Career Services

115 ACES Library

1101 S Goodwin Ave

Urbana, IL 61801

ACES Career Services is overseen by Director Jean Drasgow (, an ACES alumna herself, and also offers a diverse range of services for students that need some career counseling and support. Express Career advising is offered via drop-in hours (full schedule on their website), tutorials for how to use I-Link, the online job board and career services system used by Illinois, job shadowing events with potential employers, and much more. I encourage all of our students to meet with Jean and start the career counseling conversation early.

NRES Career Bulletin, LinkedIn, and NRES108

Even here at the Department level, we do our part in providing our students with information on employment and career opportunities. Bi-weekly, the NRES Career Bulletin is sent to our students (and interested parties) about a plethora of scholarship information, volunteer opportunities, internship opening, and employment listings related to the NRES field. Additionally, we also host and manage a LinkedIn Group for the greater NRES community (current and past students in addition to faculty and staff) to post relevant opportunities for students and engage with one another; CLICK HERE if you want to join. And if our students need a little more structure than that, we offer an online course every spring titled “Careers in Natural Resource Management and Environmental Sciences” (NRES108). Students will improve understanding of their career goals, expand their knowledge of careers available in the NRES field, improve their job searching skills, and develop a plan for pursuing a career.