Celebrating a Century of FarmHouse Fraternity!

Celebrating a Century of FarmHouse Fraternity!

Sep 18
Kendall Herren, Senior in Agricultural Communications

Being the emotional, sentimental girl I am, especially after this past spring when I lost my grandmother, I have had a stronger yearning to visit with older generations. This past weekend at the centennial celebration of FarmHouse Fraternity was no different.

Saturday night I had the chance to attend the formal anniversary banquet. This banquet was put on by FarmHouse men and had many tasteful occurrences such as a dinner, some heartfelt speeches from past members, and a panel discussion of four men spanning across the history of the fraternity; one from the 40s, 70s, 90s, and the 10s.

Of all the stories about networking, older faculty and administration, the stories from the man of the 70s was my favorite. For those that don’t know, streaking was “in” during that time and yes, we heard all about it.

A close second had to be the ‘05 graduate. So often we discuss the family in ACES and U of I, but for those of us in fraternities and sororities, those are our best families on this campus. Not only do we live in the same house and complete the regular cooking and cleaning duties, we form friendships that aren’t always comparable to the regular college friendship. When this man’s father died months after graduation, his brothers rallied around him, and provided that close-knit family all of us in our houses have come to know and love.

I am not a member of FarmHouse fraternity, but I could feel the friendship and true “bonds of brotherhood” when surrounded by these individuals this weekend. So in toasting spirit, here’s to another 100 years of FarmHouse Fraternity; here, here!

Kendall with Darren Riskedal, a current member of FarmHouse Fraternity, at the celebration.