Chips, anyone?

Chips, anyone?

Feb 17
Rick Atterberry, ACES Media Communications Specialist

My wife the Anglophile sent me a link from The Daily Mail this morning concerning potato chip research here in the College of ACES. The piece quoted a study published in the Journal of Food Science which was then picked up by Popular Science. It focused on the work of Tanjila Alam and Pawan Takhar of our college. It is serious and highly technical research designed to identify the factors that make for a better tasting chip, or as they would say in Daily Mail territory, a better crisp. Snack foods are, after all, a multi-billion dollar industry.

The article was a reminder of the breadth of experimentation conducted in our college on a myriad of topics. Frequently in the daily Illinois in the News digest produced by the U of I News Bureau, there are links to articles from all over the world reporting on the research being done just down the hall on the ACES campus.

Because of our familiarity we may take the work being done here for granted, but others clearly find it important, interesting and, often, groundbreaking. The College of ACES is an exciting place to call home. 

Now, is anyone working on a better tasting low-calorie dip?