A closer look at the Plant Care Facility

A closer look at the Plant Care Facility

Jan 14
Nathan Deppe, Plant Care Facility Coordinator

Some of you out there might be asking about the Plant Care Facility. Certain questions like: What is it? Who uses it? When is it used? These are all good questions of which deserve all good answers.

The Plant Care Facility is comprised of two large greenhouse complexes used mainly for agricultural and horticultural research and academics. The Turner Hall Greenhouse is the oldest facility built in the 1960s, boasting seven ranges of rooms for plant growth (see photo below). The Plant Sciences Laboratory Greenhouse (the flagship of our operation) is located mere steps east of the Turner Hall Greenhouse. Sophisticated environmental controls allow us to provide exceptional conditions for a wide variety of research conducted at this facility. ACES faculty and staff utilize our resources daily to meet their goals and objectives. 

We truly are a 24/7, 365 days/year operation dedicated to promoting and enhancing plant growth and development. Next time, I’ll fill you in on the types of plants and research conducted at the Plant Care Facility.

University of Illinois Plant Care Facility