Coming down with “senioritis”

Coming down with “senioritis”

Jan 24
Claire Benjamin, Senior in ACES

Everyone knows that being a freshman is scary. They have to make new friends, navigate a huge campus, and adjust to college life. What everyone fails to reveal, is that being a senior is scarier.

Suddenly sand is running through the hourglass while the job applications start piling up. In college, senioritis takes on a new meaning: the fear one will not find a job before graduation.

But looking back at my time here, I feel prepared to take the next step. I know that I can make new friends, just as I did in all my ACES and non-ACES classes. I know I am prepared to navigate the global market because of the skills and lessons I learned here. The best part about graduating from this college is knowing that I have a support system here as I adjust to becoming (dare I say it?) an adult.

Claire Benjamin