Sep 17
Kendra Courson, Director for Special Events

Salute to Ag Day has always been a special event for alumni, family and friends to reconnect and salute agriculture in the state of Illinois as well as the College of ACES. Saturday’s event was another example of connections for many people.

The Burrus Hybrids and Illinois AgriNews Farm Family of the Year was the Lamoreux Family of Carroll County. This family had several generations of College of ACES alumns present to accept the award. From folks who have farmed the family land for many decades to two newborn baby girls attending what looked to be their very first tailgate, over 20 family members were on hand to celebrate this wonderful recognition together.

Melissa Fairbanks of Lakeland, Florida, attended Salute to Ag Day with her parents, Bob and Janet Dailey of Rochester Hills, Michigan. This was a family reunion weekend as Melissa’s sister, Megan Dailey, is an Assistant Professor in Animal Sciences. This was Melissa’s first Salute to Ag Day and a memorable one to say the least. She took part in the annual auction and was the highest bidder of the Illinois State Fair prize-winning cheddar cheese block. Once the cheese arrives in Florida, Melissa plans to share with her family and, of course, have a wine and cheese party with close friends!

I could go on and on about the connections that Salute to Ag Day fosters each and every year but there are too many to choose from. I am always beyond delighted and surprised that a tailgate event of over 600 people could end up being something very personal and far reaching.

A special thanks to the generous sponsors who support this event, including the Illinois Corn Growers Association, the Illinois Corn Marketing Board, the Illinois Farm Bureau, the Illinois Soybean Association, and Premier Cooperative, Inc.

Salute to Ag Day