A December Goodbye

A December Goodbye

Dec 18
Marla Todd, Associate Director of Advancement Communications

As the hustle and bustle of campus quiets with each exam completed, many students are leaving campus for a few weeks of time at home, traveling or other fun adventures. Most of the undergraduates will return to campus in a few weeks. However, there is a group of students who are taking their last set of finals prior to completing their degrees. Still others will spend the spring semester involved in other requirements to receive their degree such as student teaching.

This leads me to sending best wishes to an outstanding student employee who will be doing just that in the spring semester. She will complete the requirements for her undergraduate degree in agricultural education by student teaching in an Illinois high school. She will be missed here on campus, but will be doing great things with students in a high school ag program.

Student workers play essential roles in numerous offices, laboratories, recreational venues, and other settings across campus. Campus jobs are not only a learning experience for them (and some cash to help defray books or general living expenses), but from my own personal experience, they provide outstanding assistance as I work to service the rest of the University community. 

I encourage students to explore employment opportunities while on campus. These experiences contribute to your employment capabilities, expand your exposure to other aspects of campus, and build relationships with professionals who will push you farther in your careers!