Did I give it my best today?

Did I give it my best today?

Jan 28
Judy Mae Bingman, 4-H Media & Marketing

At the door of my gym is a small machine with a sign which reads “How satisfied were you with our service today?” followed by four buttons. If I felt the service from staff was great that day, I touch the BIG SMILING FACE button as I walk out the door, and it records my rating. On any given day, I may rank the gym anywhere from excellent (big smile) to poor (big frown).

I always push a button. Always. Every day. If they’re willing to ask, I’m going to tell them. I like a company that is confident enough in their business and staff to put their reputation on the line every day. I assume if they receive repeated hits on the big frown button, they use that to help identify problems. Customer opinion drives excellence.

As students and staff, we also put our reputation on the line every day. We may not offer any buttons for people to rate us, but they are doing just that. With every encounter, every transaction, every assignment, every lecture, we are receiving a performance rating from those we meet. Those daily encounters add up and form the basis for whether people see us as hard working, dependable, trustworthy, and honest. Employers look for staff who repeatedly earn big-happy-face ratings from their clients and customers.

Which button would people press to rate your interaction with them today?