Don't forget to say thanks!

Don't forget to say thanks!

Nov 19
Sara Tondini, Animal Sciences graduate student

We’re in the home stretch, less than a week away from fall break. November has been full of pumpkins, falling leaves and sweaters, but my favorite part of this month is hearing the words thank you. We’re thankful for the people in our lives and the things we have all year round, but this month we get an extra dose of the “thank you’s” and I love it. We still have some time before break, so I have compiled a list of people/groups on campus that you should thank before you leave!

1.    Building Service Workers: because every building is always nice and clean
2.    Bus Drivers: for getting us ACES students back to the north side of campus
3.    Career Services: for helping you land that dream internship or job
4.    Favorite professor or TA: for helping us learn and grow (and not making the final cumulative J)
5.    Your roommates: for putting up with you for a whole semester, so far
6.    Your advisor: for being there to help you figure it all out
7.    The person in class that lets you borrow their notes: this doesn’t need an explanation
8.    Coworkers: for making your job fun!
9.    Technology Services: because what would you do without the internet?
10.    Your favorite RSO: for giving you a platform to make a difference and a place to make great friends

Of course, this list only scratches the surface, so add to it and pass it on. Enjoy your break and thank you for reading!

I'm thankful for my wonderful roommates!
I'm thankful for my wonderful roommates!