Don't Hold Yourself Back

Don't Hold Yourself Back

Jun 17
Jessica Telgmann, Senior in Agricultural Communications

A year ago I was in Scotland. Beautiful, lush, green Scotland. It was my first time abroad, and not only was I nervous about the two weeks away from home, I thought it sounded like an eternity.

You see, growing up on a small grain and dairy farm my summers have been the same each year since I was four. Work on the farm and exhibit my Holstein dairy cattle at county and state shows. To most this must seem like a bore, but to me it’s not only tradition, it is life.

I thought that missing the two weeks for a trip to Scotland, England, and Ireland was going to ruin my whole summer, little did I know that it would change my whole life.

The trip is still a whirlwind in my mind. To me the two weeks seem like two hours now. When others ask about where I went and what I did, I have a hard time remembering the locations of where we stopped to see the beautiful scenic views, or what the bed and breakfast we stayed at was called.

 As a year has come and gone since this amazing experience, I can’t help but think about how soon I can revisit the velvety smooth green hills again. I am ever thankful that I was given this opportunity and experienced another country.

I learned that there is much more to see in this world than I ever dreamed. I urge you all to take every opportunity you have, take a trip to a new place, experience how life is in a different country, and do it as many times as you can. Although it can be nerve racking, you will wish to relive the experience again!