Don't take it for granted

Don't take it for granted

Sep 16
Rick Atterberry, ACES Media Communications Specialist

The view from my office window on the South Farms is that of the Round Barns. Sometimes I take it for granted. They’re just buildings right? Historic buildings, but just buildings.

I am reminded though, when meeting with the public at events like the Farm Progress Show, that they, like the worn steps in Mumford Hall, are symbolic of the heart of this college. My favorite part of such events is talking with people who have a connection to the College of ACES…alumni, parents, grandparents, former staff and others. Some visitors ask about long retired professors, about programs, about buildings, and share their favorite stories.

Others ask about how their daughters and sons or grandchildren can possibly gain admittance to one of the premier universities in the world when they hail from high schools without advanced or AP classes. I enjoy being able to point to the Academic Programs table and tell them not to discount the possibility out of hand without checking in there. It is humbling to talk to people who understand the value of a College of ACES education and want that for their progeny.

And when prospective students or parents suggest the size of the University of Illinois is almost as large as the population of some counties, it means a lot to be able to confidently say that the university can be as large or small as the student wants to make it…that ACES is a family and there will be a place for the student to thrive.

Then I think once more of the generations who’ve had the same chance to see the Round Barns and vow not to take my view for granted.


Round Barns