Dream big

Dream big

May 1
Jason Emmert, Assistant Dean, Academic Programs

Dreaming big has been something I’ve heard and thought about several times over the last few months. Our friend Orion Samuelson encourages students to dream big, and his book “You Can’t Dream Big Enough” is all about how this theme has played out in his life. He believes, and I agree, that we should allow ourselves to have big dreams about what we can accomplish personally and professionally.

Dreaming big is something at which many of our students excel. A few weeks ago at our ACES Student Awards Banquet we had the chance to honor many of our students who have dreamed big and worked hard inside and outside the classroom to achieve those dreams. The college, departments, and student organizations recognized outstanding members, Bronze Tablet scholars, leadership award winners, and honors program graduates, just to name a few. This time of year, with convocation just around the corner, dreaming big is on my mind once again as our graduates move on to pursue new adventures in careers, graduate or professional school, or other opportunities. This is one of my favorite and least favorite times of the year because we’re celebrating the amazing achievements of our graduates, but also saying goodbye to so many students who we’ll miss seeing on campus. They’ve dreamed big, and are well on their way to fulfilling those dreams. 

Last Friday, the Dream Big project was present on the U of I Quad; take a moment to check out the video, and don’t forget to spend time thinking about your own big dreams!


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