Elections, Elections, Elections… and Ugly Holiday Sweaters?

Elections, Elections, Elections… and Ugly Holiday Sweaters?

Dec 4
Ellen Reeder, Senior in ACES

In the College of ACES, the month of December is all about student leader elections and ugly holiday sweater parties. They don’t seem to fit together the best, but I love it.

Over the past few years, I’ve been that student who nervously awaits their turn to give a speech about their qualifications, drive for success, and passion for an organization or the college. I always dressed nice and thought about my speeches and time commitments ahead of time. This year, it’s a bit of a 180 for me. I sit in the back, I wear the ugliest holiday sweater I can find, I use parliamentary procedure skills I didn’t even know I remembered, and I smile for the next team of leaders.

A few years ago, I dreaded this. I dreaded the day that I would be the one retiring and moving on from these college leadership positions. I wondered how the upperclassmen were so okay with leaving it behind. Now I get it.

When I sit in the back of the room and observe the thoughtful speeches, the passion, and the excitement these students I have, I just can’t help but smile. I think alumni must feel the same way when they come back to visit campus and they get to meet with students and hear about what they’re passionate about and why they love the college. I can’t wait to experience that someday.