Field day fun with ag family and friends

Field day fun with ag family and friends

Sep 14
Amber Adams, Crop Sciences Marketing

August is a busy time for many of us. Campus is buzzing with the arrival of new and familiar faces. The Department of Crop Sciences faculty and staff are diligently preparing for field days and the arrival of over 1,500 members of our closest ag family and friends. Many of which come from the Midwest; however, several hundred people traveled from Brazil and Argentina to learn about the latest research conducted by crop sciences faculty and researchers. There’s nothing we enjoy more than sharing our passion for agriculture with others during Agronomy Day and International Agronomy Day.

One of my favorite moments occurred at International Agronomy Day when I witnessed crop sciences department head, Dr. Germán Bollero (an Argentina native), conversing with fellow Argentinians in Spanish. The look of joy and relief when guests heard their native tongue in a foreign country was incredible to witness. Many of them stayed behind to talk to Dr. Bollero and ask him questions about their agricultural practices. Dr. Bollero’s simple act of kindness is one of the many I witness working in the College of ACES.

Agronomy Day and International Agronomy Day wouldn’t be possible without the support of sponsors and members of the ag community who traveled near and far to learn about the recent industry trends and research. Best of luck with harvest this fall and we hope to see you again soon!  

International Agronomy Day