Finding the good

Finding the good

Apr 23
Jennifer Shike, Director for Communications and Marketing

As a parent, events like Boston make me want to curl up with my kids on the couch and escape the world. I know this isn’t the right response. But sometimes the world is just plain scary.

I’m so impressed by ACES student Tatyana McFadden’s simple, yet powerful response to the events that took place in Boston. She said we can’t live our lives in fear because there are always going to be a few bad people in the world – but most people are good.

In the news coverage surrounding Tatyana’s most recent accomplishments winning the women’s wheelchair race in both the Boston and London Marathons, she used the opportunity to bring hope to the world. Instead of enjoying the spotlight following her amazing victories, she is finding a way to remind us all of some very important truths.

We have so many good people in this world – people who always help, always respond, always share, always give, always contribute. I could spend my time focusing on those who don’t. Or I can choose to spend my time being one of those good people and raising my children to be good people, too.

Thanks for the reminder, Tatyana. And congratulations on your amazing achievements and more important, for being a role model for us all! You always make the College of ACES and the University of Illinois proud. Best wishes on your next race.

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“We can’t live our lives in fear. There are always going to be a few bad people in the world, but the majority are good. What we saw in Boston after the marathon — with the community coming together, the incredible medical staff who responded so quickly, and people who were out on the course running to the  hospital to give blood —that’s the good in people.” – Tatyana McFadden