Finding your “Home Away From Home”

Finding your “Home Away From Home”

Sep 9
Debra Korte, Teaching Assistant Professor, Agricultural Education

My family is on my heart and mind this week. I always enjoy my time with family, and a brief visit with my brothers and nephew this past week (who were visiting Central Illinois for the Farm Progress Show) helped ease the pain of not seeing them very often. I cherish my time with family, and am frequently reminded how much we should cherish the moments we get to spend with those we love.

I frequently hear faculty, staff, and students talk about the “ACES family”. Although the College of ACES (and our very own Agricultural Education family) can never fully replace our biological family, it’s comforting to know we are surrounded by people who are willing to provide support, lend a helping hand, and provide an encouraging word when we need it most.

Whether new or returning to campus, students are starting to settle into the routines that accompany each semester. For all students, we hope the College of ACES provides a temporary “home away from home” as they pursue their dreams and ambitions at the University of Illinois.

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