Focus on three

Focus on three

Oct 17
Debra Korte, Teaching Assistant Professor, Agricultural Education

I’ve noticed a trend. It’s about this time every year when I begin observing several changes. The days become shorter. Cooler temperatures have arrived with the Fall season. And small signs of stress are starting to appear on the faces of students and faculty. (Mine included!)

We’re at midterm. Finals are just a few weeks away. The majority of assignments are likely due in the last half of the semester. Advising appointments are (literally) happening on both sides of me every day. Students are making decisions for careers and classes. Faculty are providing support and advice. Summer internship opportunities and subsequent decisions are starting to surface.

So many things to do. So many decisions to make. So much to get done!

As my rule of thumb for many things in life, use the power of 3. When you start to feel overwhelmed with all the things that must be done, just make a list of three things. Only three. Three things which are realistic to accomplish in the day. Three things that need to be done. Three things that must be accomplished today.

Half of the Fall semester is completed, with the best half yet to come. Let go of the 300 things that will eventually need to be done. Take a deep breath of the cool, Fall air. Make a list of three things that must be done today. Do those three things.