Friends in ACES

Friends in ACES

Mar 6
Kendall Herren, Senior in Agricultural Communications

Everyone has a family. For some it includes their parents, siblings and grandparents. For others it includes friends.  In my case, my family now includes the College of ACES.

This past week I lost one of the closest people to my heart, my grandmother. She was one of the kindest people I ever knew. She invested herself in everyone she met, as was apparent from her visitation where her mourners spanned many generations. Hundreds of people showed-up to share their condolences and tell fond memories. She cared about everyone she knew, and always treated others like family.

Now as I’m back on campus catching-up with school and work, I realize I don’t just have family in Sheridan, Illinois; I have family in the College of ACES.  From text messages to phone calls, emails to Facebook messages, and good thoughts and hugs, the College of ACES family is always here to support students. Not many care more than the professors, faculty, and students in ACES. They are always here for encouragement, support, and work hard to help each other succeed and prosper. But most of all, they are here as friends to help us accomplish and make-it through the obstacles we may face as we live our lives. Time will heal my heart and family and friends will make that process easier.

So just as a reminder to my fellow classmates, a friend is always there for you in the College of ACES.