Dec 15
Marla Todd, Associate Director of Advancement Communications
As we approach the 150th anniversary of the University of Illinois, I’ve been reflecting on the many generations impacted by this institution.

We see the connection in current faculty who were trained by former faculty, who, in some cases were trained by a faculty member before them. That’s multiple generations of some of the world’s leading scientists. 

We see 4-H leaders, who were 4-H members themselves, influencing future leaders!

We certainly see it in our students.

While interviewing potential recipients of the Jonathan Baldwin Turner scholarships last week, several times I heard students share that they wanted to come to school here because it’s where their parents came to school and, in some instances, grandparents, as well. A few noted that they had never really even contemplated attending somewhere else. The history of the College of ACES launching success for previous generations was repeated in several conversations.

Earlier this month, there was a similar theme of multiple generations experiencing the impact of the College of ACES Jonathan Baldwin Turner scholarship program and in-turn paying it forward. The first JBT scholarships were awarded in 1979. With more than three decades of recipients, we’re starting to see a generational sequence. In the room during the annual JBT banquet, there were former recipients, who had become JBT donors themselves, and were attending that evening in the role of parent of a recipient. Did you get that? Let me draw a picture.

JBT scholarship recipient > JBT scholarship donor > Parent of JBT scholarship recipient

To me that’s a special testament to the JBT program and its ripple effect!

Families, networks, generosity, and leadership are all products of the generations who have passed through this institution.  

Kraig Krause, left, congratulates Eileen Urish on receiving the JBT scholarship supported by the Kraig Krause Scholarship fund. Urish grew up near the Krause family farm in Mason County.