Getting to know an RSO

Getting to know an RSO

Feb 9
Sara Tondini, Animal Sciences graduate student

Who loves puppies? You're right. Everyone. The Pre-Vet Club is a registered student organization in the College of ACES whose members not only love puppies but ultimately wish to pursue careers in animal-related fields.

Quick Facts
Pre-Vet Club is housed in the Department of Animal Sciences
President: Rosie Mazaheri
Members: 210
Fundraisers: Bake Sales, Mardi Paws, Thanksgiving Basket Drive, World Vets
Activities: Wet Labs, Job Shadows, Zoo Tours, Vet School Visits, APVMA Symposium
Mascot: Bruiser (see below)

This club was designed to give students information about the field of Veterinary Medicine through a variety of different learning experiences. I asked Pre-Vet Club President, Rosie Mazaheri, about the ways in which its members can gain this information. She said, “We offer many opportunities for members such as monthly meetings with speakers who are experts in the field of veterinary medicine, shadowing opportunities at the College of Veterinary Medicine, a variety of wet labs, trips to visit veterinary schools in neighboring states, tours of the veterinary facility at different zoos and animal sanctuaries. My favorite opportunity for our members, however, is the APVMA Symposium, which is held at a different school each year. It brings pre-veterinary students from all around the country together to listen to veterinary-based lectures and participate in informative labs. It really allows students to understand all the wonderful opportunities in veterinary medicine."

This month PVC is doing a fundraiser in the spirit of Mardi Gras - so perfectly named "Mardi Paws" - where members are graciously donating various shelter items like pet food, toys, treats, and cleaning supplies to the Vermillion County Animal Shelter. In the past, they’ve had bake sales to raise money for VIDA, an organization that provides veterinary care in areas with little-to-no access to veterinary care in Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. PVC also helped with the Thanksgiving Basket Drive where they gathered enough items to help 12 families enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner.

If you're considering pursuing an animal-related career, show your love for puppies and get involved with Pre-Vet Club. There's invaluable information, opportunities, and experiences provided by this RSO and many other ACES clubs. Check out the ACES Student Clubs and Organizations so you can get to know the other RSOs!

PVC Members at a tour of the Exotic Feline Center in Indiana

Mazaheri’s pup, Bruiser, in the PVC Cube