Gift from 1st Farm Credit establishes Youth Livestock Ambassadors

Gift from 1st Farm Credit establishes Youth Livestock Ambassadors

Apr 22
Marla Todd, Associate Director of Advancement Communications

Messages and conversations about livestock production and animal management abound in the media, social networks, and even at the family dinner table. Although they may not be taking on the Food Babe or Dr. Oz directly, twenty-one Illinois 4-H members have accepted the challenge to advocate for the livestock industry on behalf of 4-H. A gift from 1st Farm Credit Services to the Illinois 4-H Foundation is making this crusade possible.

As passionate and knowledgeable individuals, it will be their purpose to share accurate information with youth, consumers, and other producers across the state. Dan Jennings, University of Illinois Extension animal science educator, will provide guidance to the youth team. This effort will further expand the outreach aspect of the University of Illinois College of ACES through this group of youth experts. Jennings anticipates that the team will reach in to metro areas with exhibits and programs, as well as organize a conference event for younger youth later in the year.

The funds provided by 1st Farm Credit will help launch the effort by supporting a leadership development and training program for the youth, as well as the development of marketing materials for their use. The investment will multiply through these young people to impact the livestock industry. Like a ripple effect, the funds to support the youth Livestock Ambassador Team will reach out to the individuals with whom they interact not only today but in the years to come. Perhaps one day, these youth will be the professionals myth busting the likes of Dr. Oz and Food Babe with information based in sound science!

Thank you to 1st Farm Credit for their partnership and to the 21 Illinois 4-H youth for accepting this mission! 1st Farm Credit funding is provided via a donor advised fund with the IAA Foundation.