Give yourself the nicest gift this year

Give yourself the nicest gift this year

Dec 1
Sara Tondini, Animal Sciences graduate student

The end of the year brings me mixed feelings: joy at all the memories I've made, hope for what next year brings, and major anxiety at all there is left to do!!!! I've always enjoyed being busy. As much as I complain about my task list for the week, I find lots of happiness in making that list and checking things off. It brings me a sense of accomplishment and I've always liked that about my busy schedule. However, I've noticed that as I start to check off one thing I add about 3 or 4 more to the list. I'm challenging myself this December to actually give myself a break while on break, and you should join me. 

Here's how to do it: 

1. Say no every now and then: I know you want to do a thousand things but it's okay to only do nine hundred and ninety nine things sometimes. If you cannot find anytime in your schedule to even consider a break. Say no once. It's scary... and freeing. 

2. Set aside time: Actually do it. Don't say "I'll take a break after this." Write down a date or some evenings in your week or a whole entire weekend and schedule yourself some "me-time". 

3. Hide all electronic devices: Having email on your phone is a blessing and a curse. When you're trying to relax that's when the curse part comes in. Just put them away. All content will be there blinking and buzzing when you return, promise.  

4. Invite your friends: Maybe alone time is what you need but if you want someone to hold you accountable start movie night or game night or plan an adventure. Your time is valuable and when you spend it on the people you love you are definitely getting your money's worth. 

Give yourself the nicest gift this year and take a break with me!

P.S. Dogs are really good at taking breaks. 
Especially mine.