Hands on learning served up

Hands on learning served up

Apr 28
Marla Todd, Associate Director of Advancement Communications

For many college students, Friday nights mean an opportunity to relax and avoid coursework for a few days. For seniors in hospitality management, Friday nights during the spring semester bring the culmination of their studies as they execute their own restaurant operations in the Spice Box.

These students invite guest chefs from around the country to guide them in developing a restaurant concept, menu, and marketing and then execute. I should also add that their restaurant has to operate in the black so careful pricing and financial planning has to come in to play.

A longstanding fixture on the U of I campus, the Spice Box, is located on the second floor of Bevier Hall and open to the public. Reservations are required for the meals.

“The opportunity to work closely with industry professionals gives our students a realistic, hands-on experience in managing a restaurant and the team of individuals that comprise a successful staff,” said Jill Craft, instructor of the Spice Box course.

Learn more about the Spice Box at www.spicebox.com or like the Spice Box on Facebook.

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