A happy ACES homecoming

A happy ACES homecoming

Oct 15
Leia Kedem, Agricultural Communications Instructor

I opened one of the heavy double doors at the entrance to Bevier Hall and was met with a blast of cool, refreshing air. As I walked into the building and up the staircase, the atmospheric scent was immediately familiar and comforting. “It’s almost like I never even left,” I thought.

I’d spent countless hours in the ACES area of campus during my graduate studies – sitting in class, studying in the library, and writing my Master’s thesis “in the lab.” Even before that, much of my undergraduate career was spent on the Main Quad and in the Illini Student Union.

Sure, I’d had somewhat of a break from campus during the four years that I worked for University of Illinois Extension as a Nutrition & Wellness Educator, but I’d often made trips to campus – and Bevier Hall – for meetings and professional development opportunities.

So on my first day as Instructor in the program of Agricultural Communications, it did (and does) feel like I never left.

This sense of déjà vu is something that many alumni feel when they return to campus, whether they’re attending homecoming, visiting friends, or for any number of other reasons.

Plenty of grads keep the ACES spirit alive from afar, too. Did you know that the College of ACES has one of the largest and most active alumni networks in the world?

You don’t need go so far as to work for the college (as I have) in order to give back. Through the College of ACES Alumni Association, there are lots of ways to stay involved.

1. Network at local, district, or campus events.

2. Complete an alumni profile online to share your story with current students.

3. Provide internship opportunities for students.

4. Serve on an advisory committee.

5. Support the College of ACES with a financial contribution.

Check out the College of ACES Alumni Association website for even more great ideas!

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t recommend visiting for the U of I’s Homecoming Weekend (October 23-25). There will be plenty of events to bring out that Fighting Illini spirit.

I’m lucky enough to experience an ACES homecoming every day I come to work, but you, too, would be amazed at quickly how the scents, sounds, and sights of campus can bring back memories of college life. So if you’ve been thinking about visiting or giving back to the world-class university that helped jumpstart your career, there’s no better time than now.

Leia Kedem comes home to ACES!
Figuring out the technology in my classroom for the Fall 2015 semester.