Here, there, and everywhere

Here, there, and everywhere

Nov 6
Ellen Reeder, Senior in ACES

Two trips to Kansas City in two weeks might seem a little bit excessive, but I’m excited.

Last week, I traveled with the College of ACES’ Illini Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow (ACT) club for a professional development trip. We visited the American Hereford Association, AdFarm, and the American Royal. We also participated in a speed networking evening with professionals in the agricultural communications field. It was so much fun to travel with great friends, to network with professionals, and to see some of my favorite alumni.

This week, I am traveling back to Kansas City for the Agriculture Future of America (AFA) Conference. This will be my fourth year attending the conference and I am so excited to see old friends, network with professionals, and learn more about the transition between my college experience and my career.

When people say that ACES takes you places, they’re not lying. ACES has taken me places in more ways than one. I’m a bit nostalgic right now because I just registered for my final semester of college, but when I look back at the past four years, I have a whole list of places the college has taken me. I’ve been to the Dominican Republic, Washington D.C., Kansas, Texas, New Zealand, New Mexico, New York, and before I graduate I will hopefully travel to Florida and Italy, too. On each of those trips, I gained new skills, new connections, and knowledge that has played a part in my educational experience.

On the other hand, ACES is taking me places by opening doors to career opportunities. It’s funny to listen to the conversations my friends and I have now that we are seniors. Sure, we still talk about the same old stuff that we used to, but we discuss jobs, benefits, interviews, and all that grown-up stuff. We’ve all worked hard, but we wouldn’t be having these conversations if it weren’t for the places that ACES has taken us.  

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