A History of Excellence

A History of Excellence

Jun 23
Regan Emkes, Senior in Agricultural Communications

Last week, I got to experience my first real taste of what being on ACES Student Advancement Committee is all about. It was my honor to give a campus tour for a visitor with a few other students. As I was brushing up on my knowledge of the buildings, I learned a lot about this campus that I know and love which only made me love it more. A lot of the buildings that I walk past every day without really thinking anything about are the very buildings that house the conversations, materials, and memories that shape the entire university.

For example, I have probably walked past the Mumford House a hundred times and I never had a clue what it was. I always wondered why, when there are all these big, brick buildings surrounding both quads, is there a lone white house in the middle of the South Quad? Once I learned what it was this past week, I couldn’t imagine this university without that house and all that it represents. This same mindset applies to many different places on campus because they're all significant in the history of the university.

It is a very humbling experience knowing the history of the landmarks to say the least. It also makes being able to share my experiences and knowledge of the college that much more exciting. The people behind making this university so great sure knew what they were doing, and it certainly does not go unnoticed.

I still have a lot more to learn, but this tour has sparked an interest in learning a little more about the university’s landmarks throughout my last year as a student. I can’t wait to begin my senior year learning at this university and I plan on taking full advantage of learning outside of the classroom (and probably a little about the actual classroom, as well!).  

Mumford House
View of the front of the Experiment Station Farm House (later named Mumford House) courtesy of the University of Illinois Archives.