An honor to be a part of WYXY Classic

An honor to be a part of WYXY Classic

Sep 10
Nicole Chance, Sophomore in Agricultural Communications

This summer I had the opportunity to intern for Gale Cunningham as a part of the WYXY Classic 99.1 broadcast team. For those of you that do not know Gale, you need to! Gale’s passion for the agriculture industry is a passion that is almost too hard to put into words.

His unceasing dedication to FFA and 4-H clubs is just the beginning of the many contributions he has made to the youth in both Illinois and Indiana.  Gale does not work as a radio personality, but he works as a passionate advocate for the agriculture industry. This became apparent to me when I began to observe the way Gale interviews 4-Her’s as well as other professionals within agriculture. Gale cares about each and every one of the people he interviews and his goal is to provide content that will allow listeners to be excited and encouraged about the industry they represent.

There were multiple responsibilities that Gale, Taylor Hardy, and I had throughout the summer. Some of those tasks included the fair tour where we went to different county fairs throughout the summer and interviewed 4-Hers as well as members of Extension and the fair board. We also provided hourly market reports throughout the week as well as analysis.

While I think most of the interns would say in years past that their favorite part was going to the county fairs, my favorite part was staying back in the studio doing the hourly market reports and analysis.  This was so intriguing to me. Reading and evaluating the markets made me realize how vital of a component different commodities are in the marketplace.

While also reading and analyzing the numbers from the Chicago Board of Trade, I saw how quickly commodities can shift. I can remember a specific day when the bean market shot up a whopping 60 cents after the monthly June USDA report came out. June was a bad month for east central Illinois as well as west central Indiana with tons of rain that just seemed to never stop. Those numbers on that report reflected those conditions and what happened in the marketplace at that specific time.

It was that day that I began to realize how important Gale’s job really is. It is his responsibility to inform a key region in production agriculture exactly what is happening. This could be sparks or declines in the market, issues in Washington such as the Clean Water Act, and even the grand champion barrow at the county fair. This is Gale’s job on a daily basis.

I am so appreciative that I had the opportunity to intern with Gale and WYXY Classic this summer. Through this experience I have gained a deep respect and admiration for a man who is not just another radio personality, but the heart and soul of the Region’s Ag Force.

Nicole and Gail Cunningham with WYXY Classic