I see winners…I see them all the time

I see winners…I see them all the time

Jan 28
Kathryn Martensen, Assistant Dean and Director of Advising

Remember the kid in the movie The Sixth Sense? Well, here in ACES Academic Programs, I see a different—quite different, thankfully!—kind of people all the time. Award winners! I’m surrounded by them.

Amelia Martens, a senior in Agricultural Communications, was recently crowned Miss Illinois County Fair Queen (see http://www.missillinoiscountyfair.com/ for a photo of the official crowning). Amelia is an excellent student, an exceptional student leader, and just an all-around good person, so she’s always been a winner to me!

Dr. Laurie Kramer, the Associate Dean for Academic Programs and my supervisor, was just named the recipient of the 2013 University of Illinois Moms Association Medallion of Honor. The Medallion of Honor award was created in 1966 to pay tribute to those individuals who, by example and service, have used their talents to enrich the lives of others. Dean Kramer will be honored at a breakfast during Mom’s Weekend on April 13.

Sarah Adams, Office Manager in ACES Student Development and Career Services, is the newly-announced winner of the 2013 Marcella M. Nance Staff Award. One of the College of ACES’ Staff Awards for Excellence, the Marcella M. Nance Staff Award recognizes civil service support staff of the College of ACES for excellence in performance.

And there are others with pending nominations, so stay tuned!