Illinois Marathon season

Illinois Marathon season

Apr 11
Kathryn Martensen, Assistant Dean and Director of Advising

Saturday, April 27 marks the fifth-annual Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon. Three of the past four years, I’ve run the half-marathon (I didn’t run the year I’d given birth less than six weeks prior to the race!), and I’m running it again this year. I have a love/hate relationship with running: I’m not one of those people to whom it comes naturally, I seem to battle some minor injury or another constantly, and I have yet to ever experience the alleged “runner’s high.  Nonetheless, running is my go-to for stress relief, and I do get some of my best ideas while running, so I guess it is kind of professional development, too!

Even though I prefer to run solo, there’s something about being at a big event like the Illinois Marathon, surrounded by thousands of other people doing the same crazy thing you are and thousands more cheering from the sidelines that is a truly amazing feeling of community. It has been interesting to learn of all of the members of the ACES community who also participate in this event—each year, it seems like I meet at least two or three students who have run one of the Illinois Marathon events before and/or are planning to run it this year, and in conversation with colleagues, I learn of about a handful of people who participate too who I didn’t know were fellow runners. I won’t name names without their consent, but let’s suffice it to say that the College of ACES is well represented with some marathoners and half-marathoners with pretty impressive times!

As they say in all of the Illinois Marathon marketing materials, maybe I will “C-U there”!

Illinois Marathon