India: A land of senses

India: A land of senses

Jan 30
Claire Benjamin, Senior in ACES

I knew I wouldn’t have time to study abroad for a semester when I hopped on the three-year graduation track, but that wasn’t about to stop me from making the most of the study abroad opportunities offered at the University of Illinois. Taking the GLBL 298 class that got me halfway around the world to India, was the best decision of my college career.

India is indescribable. It excites all of the senses: the smell of incense, the sound of honking cars, the sight of brightly colored saris, the taste of chi tea, and the feel of cold tiles under barefoot feet in Hindu temples.

I am so grateful that I stepped outside my college (and my comfort zone) to experience a beautiful and diverse country with a diverse group of students from across this campus.

Claire Benjamin in India