Installing the Energy Shade Curtains Systems

Installing the Energy Shade Curtains Systems

Feb 26
Nathan Deppe, Plant Care Facility Coordinator

In 2012, the Student Sustainability Committee was very gracious to provide the Plant Care Facility with funds for new curtains in the Plant Sciences Laboratory Greenhouses. We received a $121,000 grant for 12 systems in various rooms, of which, contractors are currently working on installation.

The beauty of these systems is two-fold: It allows us to optimize natural lighting while blocking out heat producing infrared light.  Secondly, it acts as a thermal blanket on cold winter nights which can help protect plants if we lose heat. The shading and insulating properties provided by these curtains also helps reduce unnecessary use of utilities. For example, we can reduce heat use in rooms by 50 percent or more when using curtains during cold weather nights. What a savings!

Curtains help mitigate utility use, while improving plant health for research and academic purposes. This is a win-win situation for all. Even the hydroponic lettuce likes the new curtains!

Energy Shade Curtains Systems