An invaluable experience

An invaluable experience

Feb 26
Lucas Frye, Senior in Agricultural and Consumer Economics

As “I Love Illinois Week” continues on, it is a unique opportunity to reflect on some of the phenomenal experiences within the College of ACES. Our world-class education comes to mind—no doubt, the wide array of study abroad and experiential learning offerings—certainly, but not to be shorted are the student-driven dynamics of the college through involvement opportunities in clubs. ACES is the home of many exceptional registered student organizations working on initiatives from student happenings, to industry and career development, as well as programming major events in the college. With more than 40 organizations with distinct ties to agriculture, consumer, and environmental sciences, the impact created by students, both for students and for the college, is invaluable.     

One such organization that I have been fortunate to be a part of over the past three years is the Explore ACES steering committee. Working alongside advisors and a team of 12 other highly motivated students to plan the college’s largest recruiting has been one of the most rewarding opportunities that I have had over the past four years. The fact that the college entrusts such a large responsibility to students, in and of itself, speaks volumes to the types of hands-on learning facilitated throughout all elements of undergraduate experience in ACES. We look forward to highlighting all of the college’s clubs, academic programs, and exceptional opportunities to prospective students and their families.  

This leads to a call for action for all of our students, alumni, and friends of ACES. As we ponder the passions we have for all things Illini throughout “I Love Illinois Week,” I’d encourage you to consider the strongest way to express appreciation for the opportunities that the College of ACES has provided you—by sharing the experience with the next generation. Let them know that the doors to our college will be wide open the weekend of March 13-14, for Explore ACES, where we will engage and challenge interested students to consider one thing—Imagine your Future in the College of ACES.

Explore ACES Steering Committee