An investment in the future

An investment in the future

Apr 29
Meg Cline, Associate Dean of Advancement

Spring is always my favorite time on campus. Along with all the new signs of life that come with spring, I enjoy watching our students “blossom” with excitement over summer internships, new careers, and celebrating the accomplishments and lessons learned that the past academic year has brought. The accomplishments and ambitions of these young people strengthen my faith in the world of tomorrow.

In addition to celebrating student accomplishments, I also enjoy the opportunity spring brings to reflect and give thanks to those who have invested in the youth of tomorrow. This reminder was made very clear earlier this month when we recognized several outstanding students from Christian County, Illinois who received the Anna Lou Johnston Roth Scholarship. While the students are all remarkable young people, the lady behind this story is pretty remarkable too!

Anna Lou Johnston Roth was a true philanthropist – she made personal sacrifices in her life to ensure that future generations would be able to afford a college education. Because of Anna Lou’s vision and dream, over $80,000 per year is available from her fund alone for deserving students in the fields of agriculture, business, and law. As college costs rise, this investment in the next generation has certainly allowed for a college education to be a dream come true for many young people. 

Thank you Anna Lou Johnston Roth and so many of you who invest in our  future with the gift of an education. I can assure you that the  “return” on that investment is in full bloom here in the College of ACES!

Roth Scholarship Winners