It's always been about the people

It's always been about the people

Oct 31
Robert Hauser, Dean of the College of ACES

Just a quick note on my last day in the Dean’s Office to thank everyone – within the college, across campus, and throughout the state – for making the last seven years so enjoyable, both professionally and personally. The College of ACES is a first-class operation because of its programs, its infrastructure, and its long history and culture of academic, research, and outreach excellence. But to really understand and appreciate this first-class operation, you must know the people.

I did not really “know” those people, whether internal or external to the college, until I became Dean, and even then it took two or three years to fully appreciate the dedication and commitment that define them. The college is one of the best “land-grant” institutions in the country as measured by countless metrics. It is impossible to measure, however, the skills, selflessness, and friendships of people with whom I have had the pleasure to work and interact over the past seven years. And it is also impossible for you to understand the sense of gratitude that I have for everyone associated with ACES – again, both those who are on the college payroll and those stakeholders outside the college from around the state and around the world. 

Any success that I might have had administratively was undoubtedly facilitated, if not driven, by the great people surrounding me. Please know that, professionally, that point has never escaped me and that I am deeply indebted to all of you. But perhaps more importantly, I hope you understand from a personal standpoint that I have so enjoyed being part of the department, college, and university. I will miss that …and I will miss you.