It's time

It's time

Mar 31
Marla Todd, Associate Director of Advancement Communications

Guest blog from Caitlin McClure, Junior in Agricultural Communications

It’s time again, ACES! It’s time for what?
Now on its third year, the annual I Pay It Forward (PIF) campaign is back, and aiming to be better than before. The PIF campaign embodies the phrase “students helping students”. Each April, the Student Advancement Committee leads a massive fundraiser to create scholarships for students who may not be able to stay at the university for financial reasons. In 2015, twenty $1,000 scholarships were distributed to College of ACES students.

Okay, cool. But why should I donate?
It’s easy to say donate because it’s the right thing to do, or maybe because it makes you feel like a good person. However, unlike other fundraisers, PIF is about so much more than you donating to a cause you’ll never see actual returns from. Students affected by this scholarship aren’t just a face you might pass on the quad. These are our friends and fellow ACES family. The return from your donation is immediate, and makes a visible difference in the college. With the funding of MAP grants still up in the air, these scholarships are more important than ever!

Get excited!
Not only is Pay It Forward for a good cause, it’s a blast, too! There will be events hosted all month long that give you a chance to get more out of the campaign than just a sense of pride.

Pay It Forward kicks off tonight, March 31, at 5:30 PM in the Stock Pavilion. Come join us for dinner and a celebration of students helping students. Plus, we will be introducing you to a few thankful scholarship recipients.

Later this month, SAC will be hosting a volleyball tournament. Sigma Alpha and 4-H House will be hosting their annual date auction, Save the Date, and SAC will be visiting classrooms and RSO meetings.

How do I donate if I don’t go to an event?
Donate here:

How do I find out about events or what’s going on with the campaign?
Like us on Facebook here:

It’s time to step up, ACES. As College of ACES students, we are the best of the best. I truly believe we’re the most elite students at the university, not just because we’re smart and accomplished, but because we care. We truly understand the meaning of teamwork and friendship. So get excited ACES, it’s time to once again, show the world who we are.

I Pay It Forward crew