Jackets and memories

Jackets and memories

Feb 21
Ellen Reeder, Senior in ACES

Jackets are in style this week. For me, that means a winter jacket to endure this cold weather, but for some that means an FFA jacket.

Each year FFA week comes around and I’m reminded of the many times I zipped up the blue corduroy. That FFA jacket is where my interest in the University of Illinois started. My very first visit to campus was during my sophomore year of high school at the State Awards day interviews. I remember sitting in a classroom in Bevier Hall telling the judges about my Supervised Agricultural Experience in equine entrepreneurship. Little did I know that just a few years later I would be sitting in that very room as a student in the College of ACES.Over the years, my interest in the University of Illinois continued. I was able to set foot on campus numerous times for Career Development Events, workshops, and other leadership opportunities in the FFA. After being elected Illinois State FFA reporter I worked with the College of ACES Agricultural Communications Program to develop reporter workshop materials and I found my passion.

I no longer zip up my FFA jacket, but I’m so thankful that the College of ACES provided opportunities for me to imagine my future so that today I can zip up my winter jacket and walk to class on this beautiful campus.

Ellen Reeder at FFA Convention